Chop all your fruits and vegetables in
seconds There's nothing confusing about it
just turn the handle clockwise to chop
(the more you turn the handle, the smaller
the pieces) or turn the handle
counterclockwise to mix and whip.
The Gourmet Chopper Salsa
Master features no-rust stainless steel
blades and a convenient ingredient
opening for adding seasonings, dressings,
milk, eggs, and more without ever having
to lift the lid. And here's the truly
great news - the entire unit rinses clean
in seconds or can be put right in the
dishwasher! There's no worry about ruining

electrical mechanisms or having to piece

together confusing attachments once

it's clean.



The smart way to chop and mix! Tuna salad,
 homemade mayo, and fresh salsa in minutes!
Gourmet Chopper Salsa Master $19.95    

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