Inserting the


   Tips For Removing The Weeds

     *  After the is secured to the drill, plug the drill into the

         power source.

     *  The drill control lever must be in the forward rotation position to

         effectively operate the .




     *  Slowly depress the trigger switch to confirm the correct operation

          of the drill and the forward rotation of the .

          Repeat this step several times to familiarize yourself with the power

          of the .

     *  Rest the tip on or near the center of the weed,


         the in a perpendicular position.

     *  Slowly squeeze the drill trigger to begin weed removal rotation.

     *  Gradually apply downward pressure to the drill as the

          loosens and removes the weed.

    *  Reverse the rotation for removing the weeds from the .

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Removing the
Tips for removing weeds
Inserting the
Removing the
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